Category: Crafts

DIY Cardboard Mini Drawers

This is a tutorial video on how to make desk organizer or drawers from cardboard. The drawers are big enough to store jewelry /small accessories like bobby pins.

DIY Rainbow Crayons

Rainbow crayons are beautiful. In this DIY, learn how to make colorful, shaped crayons that smell delicious! It’s a scented heart crayon how-to full of rainbows.

DIY Food Plushies

Plushies are some of every kid’s favorite toys. If you want to make cute plushies, here is a DIY tutorial you can follow. Don’t forget to show off your creations!

DIY Bed Canopy

Supplies:- -Hoop -Sheer Curtains -Clear tape -Fevi stick -plastic string or any strong string to hang the canopy -String lights -Feather Boa

Golden Snitch

Things you’ll need: Super glue Aluminium foil Steel wire Sculpting tools Polymer clay (preferably black/brown) Spray paint Acrylic paint (If you don’t have spray paint)

Diy Rose Tutorial

Looking to make flower decorations? We’ve found an awesome tutorial that can teach you how to make large ones! It’s easy.