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DIY Clouds Sprinklers

This is a DIY project your kids will surely adore! Check out these DIY Clouds sprinklers. Aren’t they so cute? You can hang them on your wall, garden, playroom and … Read More

DIY Mache Tray

Check out this quick stylish DIY mache tray. Great decor on top of the fire place or shelf. And it’s very easy to do. I’m sure you remember doing several … Read More

Gold Leaf Terracotta Pots

This is a great reinvention of your garden pots and make them more interesting. I would love this project for those who have house plants. Indoor pots can definitely look … Read More

Painted Jars and Bottles

Painted Jars and Bottles

Want a unique gift idea for your friends’ housewarming? Or do you want to reinvent your old vases at home? You should definitely check out this DIY project. It’s so … Read More