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DIY Floor Length Curtains For Cheap

——————————- ——————————- We know that when money was tight we were always looking for good deals on curtains… Our old home had tons of windows that needed window treatments and … Read More

DIY Covered Sandbox

We would really love to be able to build a sandbox for our boys this coming spring. Our only hesitation is that it would become the neighborhood litter box for … Read More

DIY Roman Shades

We’ve have been looking for a tutorial like this! Found this really great guide to DIY roman shades. Here’s the other great thing about these instructions… they are super easy … Read More

DIY Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

There are different ways to feed the birds and get creative with different ideas. We stumbled on this image above and loved the idea. Take an old wine bottle – … Read More

Fun DIY Ruler Growth Chart Project

This project is great for those who have kids. In some families, there have been traditions where parents measure their kid’s height every year. This records kid’s growth progress. You … Read More