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DIY Terra-Cotta Herb Tower

——————————- ——————————- I am a huge fan of Martha Stewart. She has so many great ideas for home decor and even when it comes to recipes. This DIY Terra Cotta … Read More

DIY Cedar Smokehouse

Are you planning to build your own smokehouse? Well, don’t be bothered about it. It isn’t as difficult as you think and the end results will be well worth the … Read More

DIY Mosaic Stepping Stones

Make these fancy mosaic stepping stones for your garden! You don’t want your guests to step on the grass, do you? These stepping stones are so easy to make and … Read More

Chalkboard Garden Stakes

Check out this cute, cheap way to label your plants! Planting your own veggies and herbs in your backyard is both fun and economical. You know you’re getting fresh harvest … Read More