Category: Home Decor

Miniature Koi Pond Tutorial

——————————- ——————————- This is a super fun project that’ll be perfect for dollhouses, as a garden pond for your dolls or just as a decoration in your room

Tassel Garland

This is a DIY tutorial for my famous tassel garlands (tasels, tassles, pom poms, fringe banners). Fun and easy to make room decor! ——————————-

DIY Spring Wreath

Supplies: (1) willow wreath (10) bunches of hydrangea Floral wire Burlap ribbon wire cutter Hot glue

The Square Coffee Table

TOOLS LIST: -Miter Saw -Drill and Impact Driver -Tape Measure -Safety Goggles -Ear Protection -Mask MATERIALS LIST: – 3″ Casters -Trim Head Screws – Wood Filler – Sanding Block

DIY Unicorn Light

Time to create something cute for your room. Try making a DIY unicorn light that will surely be a lovely accent inside your own bedroom.

Turquoise DIY Room Decor Ideas

Looking for some cool DIY room decor ideas in say, the color turquoise? You have found them! Here’s a list of DIY projects: Turquoise DIY Room Decor Ideas

Crepe Paper Wisteria

SUGGESTED MATERIALS: Lilac Crepe (my dark color) Taffy Pink Crepe (my medium color) Carnation Pink Crepe (my light color) Embroidery Thread 12-Inch Hoop or 14-Inch Hoop (sometimes called a Macrame … Read More

DIY Metal Plant Stand

If you wanted to make one, we hope this video will give you the inspiration you need to get started. This is going to be fun!