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Make your own Green Cleansers

——————————- ——————————- Making your own cleansers does not only help you save money, it also help keep your family safe from harmful toxins found in conventional cleaning agents. I am … Read More

DIY Honeycomb Shelves

If you want an out-of-the box idea for a bookshelf, this is the DIY project you want to start on! Check out this amazing honeycomb shelf project. It’s the best … Read More

Orb Chandelier DIY Project

Now this is an interesting project. Check out this Wire Orb Chandelier. If you have a modern or contemporary themed home, you should definitely try this DIY project for yourself. … Read More

DIY Gold Vases

Another amazing DIY vase project! Make your own gold plated vases with this quick and easy step by step tutorial. I love gold and how easy it is to fit … Read More

Wine Cork Monogram

Isn’t it amazing how flexible corks are? You can do so many things with such a small piece! Just as you thought these are merely disposable bottle caps, its great … Read More

Wallpaper Removal Tips

Moving to a new house can be difficult especially if you’re already accustomed to your old home. And if you’re putting your home up for sale, it is wise to … Read More

Hat Hanger Tutorial

Hat Hanger Tutorial

Fond of hats and does not know where you can store your little collection? I know the feeling! I love hats. For me it’s the best fashion accessory ever invented. … Read More