How To Make DIY Infused Olive Oils


Infused Olive Oils


Are you wondering how to make those cute bottles of olive oil that most people have as decorations? Wonder no more because you can make your own bottle of infused olive oil and use it for cooking!

We all like to use olive oil when frying food. So, this will give your food an extra kick. Plus, you can also give them as gifts to your friends who love to cook. And the fact that you made it yourself, this will make a gift that is much more special.

Click the link to learn how to make infused olive oils.

DIY Infused Olive Oils


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  1. What if olive oil can be use as body oil??what essential benefit we can get for?is it pure?can be use as perfume?thank you!!!and give us some tips on how we can use or other oil for our body.

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