Aluminum Sharpie Marker

Make sure you like DIY Projects on Facebook and follow us on Pinterest to be updated every time we find a fantastic DIY tutorial. ——————————- ——————————- How such a small … Read More

Rustic Ceiling Light

You can use this ceiling light on your living room, garden, workspace, treehouse etc. By following the DIY (Do-it-yourself) video, you can prepare a nice home decoration. ——————————-

Custom Cactus Shoes

Supplies ✧ Canvas shoes ✧ Acryllic paints ✧ Gesso/primer ✧ Sealant ✧ Black fineliner pen

Resin Candy Charms

You will need: Resin Sphere mold (larger) Sphere mold (smaller) Candy sprinkles Glue Eye pin Bead cap Dremel tool

DIY Mini Greenhouse

This is a very easy tutorial. Learn how to make this greenhouse conservatory or Glasshouse for growing plants and seeds at home.

DIY Barbeque Grill

Material Required 1) (4x) 8 inches nuts and bolts 2) (2x) hinges 3) (8x) 1 inch nuts and bolts 4) wiremesh 5) old olive oil tin can (paint removed)

Tissue Paper Butterflies

Frilly tissue paper butterflies are a beautiful decoration for summer and spring! In this quick paper craft DIY, we show an easy technique to create colourful and elegant butterflies using … Read More

DIY Ribbon Rose

Material: Two-sided satin ribbon 4 cm wide, length 50 cm Hot glue gun Scissors Light Brooch pin The size of the pink ribbon is app.4 cm diameter