19 Houseplants That Clean Indoor Air


19 Houseplants that Clean Indoor Air 1


If you think that indoor air is cleaner than the air outdoors, you’re wrong. There are a lot of particles and microorganisms that are found inside our houses. Contaminants are also released from home cleaning products, furniture, building materials and more. This can put everyone residing in a house filled with contaminants at risk to all sorts of respiratory diseases.

To ensure that the air that you are breathing is clean, you can place around these houseplants to remove these toxins. According to experts, these plants can remove 90% of the pollutants inside your house.

Click the link to see all 19 plants.

19 Houseplants That Clean Indoor Air


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    good information

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    gr8 information

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    Very good list of plants 4 detoxing home.

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