Monthly Archives: March 2014

DIY Garbage Disposal Tablets

One of the most neglected kitchen items is the garbage disposal. Why? Well, for one reason, did you know you must clean your garbage disposal to ensure it’s safe to … Read More

Delicious Homemade Pickles

I stumbled onto a recipe that has 10 minutes prep time, 3-7 days marinating time, and there isn’t any canning involved. Fresh, delicious pickles for you and your family! Click … Read More

How to Clean a Glass Top Stove

Looking for some more homemade cleaning ideas? This amazing tip from can help you out clean your glass top stove. Don’t worry we’re not gonna do something drastic. Tried … Read More

How to clean stove grates

One of the toughest kitchen items to clean is the stove. I personally hate this task because I’m a little obsessive compulsive when it comes to maintaining cleanliness in the … Read More

How to Stamp Silverware

This is a cool personalized gift project from I love giving customized gifts to my friends and family. It’s more heartwarming and touching. See the instructions here: How to … Read More