Amazing DIY Project’s Must Make Chicken Recipes!


Amazing DIY Project's Must Make Chicken Recipes!


We’ve featured quite a few delicious chicken meals previously and today, we’re rounding up our top 5 favorite recipes for an unforgettable chicken dinner or lunch with your family. What I love about these recipes is that it’s easy to do, time saving, and of course, budget friendly! It’s like you’re dining out in a restaurant at a much lesser cost.

Buffalo Chicken Bites – Who can get enough of Buffalo chicken? This easy snack is made bite sized so you can take it out with your family or if you want just a light flavorful meal for dinner.

Crock Pot Chinese – This is why we love using crock pot! You can make tons of good dishes and not worry about them being overcooked!

General Tso’s Chicken Sliders Recipe – A sandwich recipe that will leave you wanting more. This General Tso’s Chicken sliders is cooked to perfection and the meat feels like it’s melting in your mouth in every bite.

Garlic and Brown Sugar Baked Chicken – Baked sugar has always been a family favorite in our household. It’s less greased and the flavor is more intact as compared to fried. This one, for sure, you’ll love the almost chewy skin.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza Sticks Recipe – Recipe for Pizza sticks is quite popular over our Facebook and Pinterest page. This is one of the most loved we’ve ever featured. Well, who wouldn’t love it? It’s cheesy, it’s chicken-ish, and very easy to make.


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