Monthly Archives: April 2018

How To Make A Fairy Door

——————————- ——————————- Place anywhere in your house to invite fairies to move in. This fun and imaginative project is great to do with kids and also great for the “young … Read More

Mr. Kate DIY Boho Boots

Inspired by her own pair of embellished boots by Luxury Jones, Mr. Kate recreates a DIY Bohemian (Boho) Boot using thrifted cowboy boots, belts, lace, t-shirts and some strong glue … Read More

DIY Friendship Bracelet

his bracelet is created by a series of forward knots, the result is a spiral pattern that twists down the bracelet. This is a perfect project for beginners.

Macrame Bracelet

Follow each step DIY and in just 13 min. you will have perfect gift for someone you love or for yourself. NICE!

Fun DIY Projects for Pets

It’s definitely woof it to take a look at these easy projects and find the purrfect fit for your animal family. Most of these do-it-yourself ideas require minimal special skills … Read More

11 Super Cozy DIY Projects

But making your bedroom super cozy is about more than just adding a few blankets and pillows – it’s a whole vibe that you create with decor, furniture, and colors.

DIY Paper Wind Chime

A beautiful decoration for your home. Beautiful flowers that can decorate your wall or any other home interiors.

6 Easy Rope DIY Projects

Rope DIY projects usually require few items, are very low cost and do not request a lot of time investment from your part. Try them all!

12 DIY Projects With Clothes Iron

Awesome craft ideas and life hacks using clothes iron – DIY jewelry (bracelets, ring and necklace), buttons, bowl, DIY decorations for tank tops, tote bags and T-shirts, coaster and some … Read More