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DIY Spring Craft Ideas and Projects

——————————- ——————————- If you are sorting out some perfect DIY spring decor projects that will spice up your home outdoor and the entire interior design also then you can simply … Read More

Turquoise DIY Room Decor Ideas

Looking for some cool DIY room decor ideas in say, the color turquoise? You have found them! Here’s a list of DIY projects: Turquoise DIY Room Decor Ideas

Crepe Paper Wisteria

SUGGESTED MATERIALS: Lilac Crepe (my dark color) Taffy Pink Crepe (my medium color) Carnation Pink Crepe (my light color) Embroidery Thread 12-Inch Hoop or 14-Inch Hoop (sometimes called a Macrame … Read More

Lemon Soap

Learn how to make cute lemon/lime and orange soap that is great as a Christmas or birthday gift for your beauty loving friends and family members and for any other … Read More

DIY Rainbow Bagels

HE THINGS YOU WILL NEED: * (1-1/2) Cups All Purpose Flour * (1/2) Cup Warm Water * (3/4) Teaspoon Barley Malt Syrup * (3/4) Teaspoon Salt * (2) Tablespoons Barley … Read More

Sugaring Wax Recipe

Here are two different methods of using sugaring for 100% natural, safe hair removal. Natural and safe to use.

DIY Hiding Places

Sometimes it’s better to hide things in plain sight, because people don’t pay much attention to common things! Find out how to hide your money, smartphone and hygiene products so … Read More