Category: DIY

Custom Cactus Shoes

——————————- ——————————- Supplies ✧ Canvas shoes ✧ Acryllic paints ✧ Gesso/primer ✧ Sealant ✧ Black fineliner pen

Resin Candy Charms

You will need: Resin Sphere mold (larger) Sphere mold (smaller) Candy sprinkles Glue Eye pin Bead cap Dremel tool ——————————-

DIY Mini Greenhouse

This is a very easy tutorial. Learn how to make this greenhouse conservatory or Glasshouse for growing plants and seeds at home.

DIY Barbeque Grill

Material Required 1) (4x) 8 inches nuts and bolts 2) (2x) hinges 3) (8x) 1 inch nuts and bolts 4) wiremesh 5) old olive oil tin can (paint removed)

Tissue Paper Butterflies

Frilly tissue paper butterflies are a beautiful decoration for summer and spring! In this quick paper craft DIY, we show an easy technique to create colourful and elegant butterflies using … Read More

DIY Ribbon Rose

Material: Two-sided satin ribbon 4 cm wide, length 50 cm Hot glue gun Scissors Light Brooch pin The size of the pink ribbon is app.4 cm diameter

DIY Hair Scrunchie Tutorial

From celebrity street style to fashion runways, scrunchies have become a highly coveted modern accessory. Make your own no-sew version in less than 10 minutes and customize it with your … Read More