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Crazy Funny Halloween Pranks

——————————- ——————————- Between trick-or-treaters and friendly neighbours, your house gets plenty of food traffic during October. With these DIY Halloween decorations, your home will be looking its very best!

DIY Fairy Wings

If you need wings for any reason, here is a really easy way to make a set. Be it a fly, fairy, or bug, you can use this method to … Read More

Floral Garden Boxwood Backdrop

What you’ll need: Boards(two 1/4 plywood cut into dimensions 40x80inches) Illusion Cord Staple Gun Boxwood Panels(need 16 panels; order 2 sets) Name Sign Floral Garlands

DIY Purse Bag

Materials you need to make this DIY bag: – the fabric (A4 size) – the wall fiber tape – stick doublerine fabric – the foamy – the hot glue – … Read More

Fake Brain DIY

Products: Brain Mold Gelatin Red Food Color Flour Brush Spoon Container of some sort