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Golden Snitch

Things you’ll need: Super glue Aluminium foil Steel wire Sculpting tools Polymer clay (preferably black/brown) Spray paint Acrylic paint (If you don’t have spray paint)

Diy Rose Tutorial

Looking to make flower decorations? We’ve found an awesome tutorial that can teach you how to make large ones! It’s easy.

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

LIST OF THINGS YOU’LL NEED 1) used 10 gallon aquarium 10″ x 20″ base x 12″ deep 2) 1.5″ copper pipe 3) silicone adhesive 4) 3/4″ assorted wood 5) piece … Read More

Making a Desktop Mini Fridge

PARTS USED: – 2x electronic refrigeration modules – Thermostat – AC to DC power supply (12v, 15amps) – Cold white LED strip – Wire terminals – Shrink tubes – Power … Read More

DIY Backpacks

Time to call your friends for a DIY activity! These DIY trendy backpacks would go great with the DIY school school supplies! Make going school fun! Enjoy crafting!