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DIY Friendship Bracelet

——————————- ——————————- his bracelet is created by a series of forward knots, the result is a spiral pattern that twists down the bracelet. This is a perfect project for beginners.

Macrame Bracelet

Follow each step DIY and in just 13 min. you will have perfect gift for someone you love or for yourself. NICE! ——————————-

Fun DIY Projects for Pets

It’s definitely woof it to take a look at these easy projects and find the purrfect fit for your animal family. Most of these do-it-yourself ideas require minimal special skills … Read More

11 Super Cozy DIY Projects

But making your bedroom super cozy is about more than just adding a few blankets and pillows – it’s a whole vibe that you create with decor, furniture, and colors.

DIY Paper Wind Chime

A beautiful decoration for your home. Beautiful flowers that can decorate your wall or any other home interiors.

6 Easy Rope DIY Projects

Rope DIY projects usually require few items, are very low cost and do not request a lot of time investment from your part. Try them all!

12 DIY Projects With Clothes Iron

Awesome craft ideas and life hacks using clothes iron – DIY jewelry (bracelets, ring and necklace), buttons, bowl, DIY decorations for tank tops, tote bags and T-shirts, coaster and some … Read More

How To Make Macaron Cat

This was inspired by the famous “ispahan” raspberry dessert. Why not make it cuter by including a whipped cream/meringue/marshmallow cat!