Category: DIY

How to Reroot Doll Hair

——————————- ——————————- Is your doll’s hair messy? With this tutorial, Barbie’s hair will be more beautiful than yours! LOL! Enjoy!

DIY Quilted Card

Don’t throw away your leftover fabric scraps! Instead, save them to make these unique patchwork fabric cards. Enjoy!

DIY Yarn Doll Wig Tutorial

Materials for wig cap: Kitchen film Stretchy fabric Glue Rubber band Materials for wig: 100% acrylic yarn (or any doll hair of your choice) Comb Glue Scissors Marker Kitchen film

How to Make a Longboard

TOOLS USED Titebond 3 (Glue) Spray Adhesive Jig Saw Roundover Bit Double Sided Tape Longboard Trucks Epifanes Spar Varnish Clear Grip Tape Utility Blade Counter Sink Bit